Add your First Router


API service should be enabled in /ip service
API-SSL service should be disabled. AutomaTik will configure and enable it.
You need to give access to AutomaTik servers. Just copy paste below commands in your terminal window.
/ip firewall filter
add action=accept chain=input src-address= comment=AutomaTik
add action=accept chain=input src-address= comment=AutomaTik
Please make sure these rules above are not added after your 'ANY ANY DROP' rule if you have one... If you don't have such a rule consider having one.

Add new Router

After logging in your dashboard, click + button to begin adding your first router.

You need to fill in a simple form.

Username password information in this form will be used temporarily. You can change the password or completely delete this user after this process.

Fill in the form

Next window, you will see AutomaTik will configure API-SSL and SSH service on your router. If successful, you should see a window like this:


If there is an error message, you will see the reason why it failed.

Click 'FINISH' to complete this process.

You may have a message saying 'TRY AGAIN LATER', if this happens please refresh your browser and try again. AutomaTik is still in BETA.

Now, you should be able to see your router added on your dashboard.

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